About me

Hi, my name is Kris Barber. When people ask me what my qualifications are as a wine columnist my answer is simple: I drank a bunch of wine. Okay, maybe it’s not just that. I have worked in the wine industry and I’ve also been an enthusiast for twenty years and on two continents. I’ve read books, attended classes, kept a meticulous wine journal of everything I’ve tasted which includes notes on food pairings, and have hosted a number of wine themed parties. All of this has helped to educate me about wine. But the thing that really gives me my credentials is that I’ve drunk a bunch of wine. I think of it this way, do you want the surgeon who has read all the books or the one who’s performed the procedure a bunch of times?

In the end, my reviews are just my opinions. Sometimes they fall in line with the Robert Parkers and the Gary Vaynerchuks and sometimes they aren’t even close.  I welcome your comments whether you agree or disagree because in the end, they’re all just opinions and the best critic for you, is you.

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