Sample Policy

Believe it or not, this little column is beginning to get some attention. For that reason, I have been receiving wine samples from people hoping that I will write about their wines. If you would like me to mention your wine(s) in one of my articles, I do accept samples from wineries, distributors, marketing and public relations firms, retail shops, Hindu postal clerks, and street people.

Many weeks the Wine Rogue’s viewership approaches 200,000 viewers.  It appears regularly in:

*Southwest Publication’s newspapers.

(These newspapers reach a total of more than 170,000 readers)

* Magazine.

( has a distributorship of 15,000)

*All for Wine and Wine for All Online.

(All for Wine receives up to 10,000 hits per week and is growing fast)

*Wino Magazine Online.

 (Wino receives aproximately 10,000 individual hits per month)

*RX Magazine/Weekly Buzz.

 (RX Magazine/Weekly Buzz has a distributorship of 6,000)

If you’re good enough to send me free booze, I probably won’t give your wine a bad review. If I don’t like it I just won’t mention it. The one exception is if the wine you send me is so bad I feel it needs a mention on my wall of infamy (see my Wall of Infamy). If however, you believe you have a good wine and would like to see it in one of the publications where the Wine Rogue appears, email me at for my shipping information.

I offer no guarantees that I’ll write about the wine but if I like it and use it in my column, it will get some pretty good exposure. I taste all samples that are shipped to me and can offer feedback if requested.


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